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In 1999, we laid out our goals for the future including our vision and mission for our company. Our vision emphasizes that we want to be the best Logistics Company in the world.
Our mission stresses that we want to be the logistics provider people turn to not only for all their shipping needs, but also as an employee or cargo investor. We are deeply proud of the contribution we are make in our daily work.
We strongly believe that pursuing all of these goals is in our interest and in the interest of all of our stakeholders and employees. We add value to our services and the customer excellent products. We engage our employees and nurture their talents to ensure our position in the cargo business.

Air Frieght

Air freight parcel and package delivery.

Road Frieght

Transfer and the shipment of goods via road.

Sea Frieght

Sea freight parcel and package delivery.

Ware Housing

Keep the customer goods in warehousing


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WORLD CLASS SERVICE – Our network offers world-class services to and from more than 210 countries.

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Peter David Nilson

(Managing Director, Delus Consult)

Why We Choose Ecel Direct

We deal with a high class customers and all our communications to such customers must be on time regardless of traffic situation. Ecel direct always proves beyond our expectation by delivering our parcels to our various customers on time and at a very low rate. We will appreciate the timely support from their team.

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